Mental Ability Question

If performance doubles every two years, by what percentage does performance go up every month? :-)

Interview Question - Gray Codes

What are the tradeoffs in implementing a program counter for a microprocessor using Gray coding?

  • Gray coding is designed to reduce power, because only one bit changes whenincrementing or decrementing.
  • Program counters usually increment, rather than jump to completely different values.So, using gray coding should reduce power consumption.
  • The downside is that the memory system probably doesn’t use gray-coded addresses,so additional circuitry would be needed to convert between gray andbinary codes. This will increase area and likely decrease performance.
  • Additionally, the extra circuitry to do the translation might require more power than
    is saved by using gray coding.

Shyness due to Gadgets?

Though we certainly feel as if we've had this discussion before, gadgets are being blamed for an increase in shyness around the world. 'Course, we doubt you'd need any fancy degree to understand the cause, but a Harvard Business School researcher and psychologist has insinuated that the ease of communicating in roundabout ways (not face-to-face) has caused an increase in the amount of people that feel shy in public. Essentially, it was suggested that "technology is enabling us to opt out of difficult situations and causing people to become more insular," but hey, it's hard to argue how much easier life is with a little text messaging mixed in, no?