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Homemade VoIP Network Over Wi-Fi Routers

A blogger on The Tech Report details his research and testing of wireless voice communication options for remote mountainous villages in rural undeveloped areas. The home-built project involves open-source software, low-cost wireless routers, solar power, mesh networking, unlicensed radio frequencies and VoIP technology. Although his research began several months ago, he has concluded the first stage of testing and is preparing to move near one of the sites where he hopes to eventually install the final functional network. Anyone with experience or ideas on the subject is invited to offer input and advice.

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Swallow this! - Infineon in takeover rumor by Samsung or Intel

[EETimes] has an article on rumors that Samsung and possibly Intel might be interested in taking over Infineon.

If you look at it more carefully, it is very surprising that Intel may be in the fray, bolstered by the recent fact that Chipzilla has been tragetting Indian and Chinese markets in the recent past to build its processor and chipset markets. Well, Intel sits on a large pile of $$, seeking it to invest into future-prone markets as suggested earlier. And Infineon, with its 3G mobile phone technology that some say is in a leading position beating TI by miles, could be an interesting target, and it even would be affordable. But a close look, however, shows that Intel's business model provides for an extremely focused product range and production in very high volumes. So Infineon perhaps might be easy to swallow but difficult to digest but shouldnt be a problem in the long run if they adopt a more flexible strategy for the mobile market bringing in innovation. What i mean here is a change in paradigm to come up with an idea similar to the desktop or server platforms.

How small can a cell phone become anyway?
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Wiretap -- The Troublemaker's Panel (DVcon)

[Via deepchip]

This year's Troublemaker's Panel discussed Mike Santarini, VC's, DataQuest, Nvidea, real estate agents, power, US engineering grads, 9/11, India, H1-B visas, outsourcing, Cadence, Freescale, NXP, bookings bubbles, Verisity Specman, Verilog, P&R, Magma, Sierra, data management, Synchronicity, design teams being too large, exit strategies, intelligent testbenches, Wally Rhines, ESL, SystemC, ANSI C, System Verilog, Matlab, parallel computing, Rajeev Madhavan, EDAC, Talus, Magma, Synopsys lawsuit, Atoptech, Broadcom, Sierra, Avanti, Mojove, Gerry Hsu, Synopsys Orion, Milkyway, OA, Virtuoso, Pcells, PDKs, QuickCap, Silicon Canvas, Dracula, VHDL, FPGAs, Mach TA, Adit, AVM, OVM, all-you-can-eat-FAM deals, start-ups, Cadence, Mentor, Sierra, Atoptech, ICC, Magma, DFM, ClearShape, Invarium, AutoESL, CatapultC, SW discounting, India, Fast SPICE, UPF vs. CPF, Ciranova, Pcells, and US kids studying engineering.


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The Race

Sun has announced that it is going to cut 2,500 of its workforce. The company's share price fell 15 per cent in after hours trading on the Nasdaq. The job losses add up to around 7.5 per cent of Sun's 33,500 workforce. Sun filed a net loss of $34m for the quarter compared with a profit of $67m in the same period last year.

Via (Inquirer)

Tilera Releases 64-Way Chip Dev Tools

Tilera has released a Linux-based development kit for their 64-core system on a chip.

The Tile64 is based on a proprietary VLIW (very long instruction word) architecture, on which a MIPS-like RISC architecture is implemented in microcode. A hypervisor enables each core to run its own instance of Linux, or alternatively the whole chip can run Tilera's 64-way SMP (symmetrical multiprocessing) Linux implementation. An 'iMesh' switching interconnect, developed by Tilera's founder, MIT professor and serial entrepreneur Dr. Anant Agarwal, is said to eliminate the centralized bus intersection that limited scalability in previous multicore designs