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Work/Life Balance - Current Implications and Solutions

You've probably already realized that the "slash" in the work/life balance equation is disappearing. Work has spilled over into life with our increasing accessibility to colleagues, customers and other stakeholders, and the things we value in life are gaining precedence in the workplace. Senior-level executives tell that they are satisfied by: work they like to do, working with people they like, and a boss they like to work for. Compensation is further down the list, below their desires for adequate work/life balance and opportunity for leadership/professional development.

Just as employees take their work home with them, they are bringing electronic errands into the office space. Online banking, ordering flowers, buying birthday presents, and researching which new HDTV to buy are sometimes done from an office PC. A 2007 survey from CareerBuilder and Harris Interactive revealed that 30 percent of workers admitted to holiday shopping on company time, while 50 percent of their employers reportedly monitor Internet usage.

I agree that online shopping can drain productivity, but the ever-present BlackBerry can interrupt relaxation. The border between "work" and "life" is getting blurry, and the expectations of younger workers are going to help eradicate the boundaries altogether. Having grown up with the Internet, they are online all the time anyway, so it makes no difference to them if they are downloading music at 3:30pm, updating their Facebook page at 7:00am or crunching numbers on a work project they are enjoying at midnight.

For me, at this instant with a hectic project schedule which has managers expecting us to work weekends and skip festivals for the sake of making the deadline mainly want to ignore the fact that social events like festivals and holidays are significant in rejuvenating an employee to work more productively. This should not be compromised.

If you're the boss, consider relaxing the grip on your knowledge workers. When tasks allow, create flex-time policies that enable employees to work more entrepreneurially. As long as there isn't a drop in performance, productivity or the system isn't being abused, you may find a happier and more engaged workforce — and you'll be ahead of your competitors who still demand a stringent 9-to-5 model.

The Author of this article is a Senior Engineer in a Multi-National Semiconductor Company based in Bangalore, India.

Layoff Watch!

Announced Worldwide Layoffs As of 30th January 2009

Infineon - 3000
Qimonda - 3000 (Bankrupt: 23 Jan 09)
Renesas - 150
ST - 4500 (Updated)
TI - 3500
Corning - 4900(New)
NXP - 4000
Philips - 6000
ST+NXP(Wireless) - 500
Toshiba - 500
FreeScale - 400
Brooks - 10%+350 (New: Exact # not known)
AMD - 500
Broadcom - 300
Xilinx - 200
LsiLogic - 500
Trident - 9%
Entergis - 200
Cadence - 625
IBM - 200
NOVA M - 250
Anadigic - 100
Intersil - 9%
Nortel - 5000
Sun Microsystems - 6000
Sandisk - 3000

This information has been compiled from various news sources and the authenticity cannot be fully verified. This information shall only be used primarily to get a feel of the overall job outlook and any analysis beyond this is shall be the whole responsibility of the person who is embarking on this research.

Intel will invest through recession!

Intel will continue to invest in products and technologies even though it sees that a U.S.financial meltdown is likely to affect the emerging markets that are crucial for its growth, its chairman said.

10 Gbps Wireless

Engineers at Battelle have come up with a way to send data through the air at 10 Gigabits per second using point-to-point millimeter-wave technology. They used standard optical networking equipment and essentially combined two lower bandwidth signals to produce a 10Gb signal from the interference. They say the technology could replace fiber optics around large campuses or companies or even deliver high-bandwidth streaming within the home.

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