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What Benefits Do I Get When Subscribing To The Digital Electronics Blog? Lots of them! :-)

Subscribers have reported that coffee tastes awesome, decrease in crime, and property taxes decline. Okay, true, the last one I’m still investigating…. :)

Seriously, subscribing to The Digital Electronics Blog's plain and simple RSS, gives you the edge over others in your niche.

A vivid group of chip designers and researchers for about a decade, we’ve mastered the art of seeing straight through to the critical issues that challenge the art of chip design and entrepreneurs… and we present here our solutions and thoughts so creatively outside the box, you’ll never see them any other place online.

In other words….

Subscribing allows you to receive every new article whenever they’re released…without any action on your part.

Get personalized answers to your questions.

Get answers to frequently asked and complex interview questions.

No typing!

What joy!

You don’t even have to return to the site to get the latest special tips and writings; it’s all sent directly to YOU. All the fresh content that we freely share every day is delivered to you at no cost, waiting for your convenience for reading.

That saves you time and makes learning easier than determining whether gravity is still operating as it should be (classic test - jump up. If you float to the ceiling, you have bigger problems (ahem, I mean, "opportunities for improvement") to deal with right now).

Currently, we offer two different subscription methods:

  • Website Subscriptions - New posts are sent to your subscription (feed) reader
  • Email Subscriptions - New posts are sent directly to your inbox.

That sounds very nifty! But…ummm….what’s a Subscription (feed) reader?

Glad you asked! A subscription feed reader is a reader (and no, I don’t mean the little old librarians who lower their glasses to the edge of their noses when reading your over-due list - we mean an actual program that runs on your computer) that says to itself:

"Okay, my computer user is sooo busy with everything else, I’ll just simply zoom out to all the sites they want to monitor, gather up all the thousands of headlines, categorize them into neat useful lists and display them whenever I’m asked."

Well, actually, yes. What readers do you recommend?

There’s lots of superduper feedreaders out there - We personally use Google Reader. Other folks like:

  • FeedReader
  • Top RSS Readers

The choice is yours - everyone has their own particular favorites.

Sounds good! What if I want to get your updates via email?

Then make it so, it’s as easy as melting ice cream in an oven! Just click on the envelope below and you’ll be taken to a signup window - add your email address, type in the verification letters (you’ll see them there) and click "Complete Subscription Request".


You’ll receive a confirmation request in your inbox from FeedBurner (the place that delivers our articles). Click on the acceptance link and voila, you’ll be done.

Got any questions?

Please feel free to drop us a line and we’ll help out in any way we can.


The Digital Electronics Blog Team

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  2. @ Corelis: How can we contact you directly?


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