Effective communications skills for the Industry - Modulation skills

During a conversation voice modulation plays a major role in defining the atmosphere to get the message out. In this post we look at the various factors that can be worked during a conversation.

Pitch: Musical notes as in "Do Re Me So .." or "Sa Re Ga Ma .." usually start from low pitch to high pitch.
Volume: How loud can you be.
Tone: The character/Timbre of sound. (Eg. The Rustle of Paper or the Tinkle of glass.
Pace: The speed of conversation or how long a sound lasts.

The variation of the above aspects of your voice give personality, variety and clarity to your conversation. To check and modulate the individual effectiveness of your voice focus attention by following the below steps...

1. Cup your right hand around your right ear pulling it forward.
2. Cup your left hand around your mouth to direct sound in to you ear.
3. Then talk and hear your voice. This is pretty much how people will hear you.

Use the below to control your voice..(the PAMPERS of voice if i may call it ;-))
P Projection
A Articulation
M Modulation
P Pronunciation
E Enunciation
R Repetition
S Speed

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