openPICUS project officially takes off

This brand new device is an wireless stack and application development platform put into one. It is intended to be smart and low cost to allow ideas to crossover the labs walls and to enter the real market. openPICUS as a hardware platform offers to students an opportunity to experience in their thesis an interaction with iPhone and Android. The first 50 pcs of the starter kit will be shipped for FREE to those who contribute with the best ideas to the project. This project advocates OPEN HARDWARE philosophy from the draft phase.

The main characteristics:

CPU Microchip PIC 24F 16 bit 44 pins QFN 64K Flash 8K Ram)
Wireless (Bluetooth / Wi-Fi)
Power 5V or 3,3V
Main connections: UART, Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs, PWMs, SPI display, I2C
Connector: 26 Ways IDC header (male) suitable for TH mounting or flat cable
SMT: 26 Pins for direct soldering PICUS to a PCB

PICUS gives a possibility to upload software by a serial port (you do not need a Microchip programmer).
Bluetooth offers SPP, OBEX, Headset profiles.
Wi-Fi gives an access to the integrated webserver, TCP socket, embedded FTP and email clients.
We are planning to realize a visual development tool to enable using of PICUS even without any software experience.


PICUS will have a range of "nests": boards with several kinds of sensors and with or without a display where PICUS will perform the wireless part and the CORE Cpu, all in one.


openPICUS will be the core and the wireless part of Internet of things, sensors, wireless messaging, standard converters, home and industrial small automation and more.

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