Effective communications skills for the Industry - Complaint handling

It has been a while since i posted an article in this series. Here is the next in that direction and it is on complaint handling. As usual i will highlight only the important points and leave the rest to your interpretation. If you have any questions please leave a comment below and i will try to respond.

1. Listen with a positive attitude
This can be through verbal communication or body language.

2. Empathize - Show concern
Of complainers feelings and situations.

3. Apologize - With sincerity

4. Offer a solution

5. Solve the problem

6. If you cannot solve the problem, minimize the damage and offer alternate solutions

7. Follow-up on feedback from complainer whether problem has been satisfactorily solved

8. Check if you can offer or do anything further to excel in customer satisfaction

9. Conduct a proactive exercise to check why the service went wrong

10. Ensure that similar complaints do not recur

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