Acronyms used in the VLSI industry and other related domains - A

AC-DC          Alternating Current to Direct Current Converter
ADC  Analog to Digital Converter
ADSL          Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AES  Advanced Encryption Standard
AFE  Analog FrontEnd
AGC  Automatic Gain Control
ALD  Atomic Layer Deposition
ALU  Arithmetic Logic Unit
AM  Amplitude Modulation
AMI Alternate Mark Inversion
AMOLED  Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode
AMS  Analog/Mixed Signal
APB  Advanced Peripheral Bus
APCVD  Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
ASIC          Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIP          Application Specific Instruction Set Processor
ASK  Amplitude Shift Keying
ASSP          Application Specific Standard Product
ATE  Automatic Test Equipment
ATPG          Automatic Test Pattern Generation
AXI  Advanced eXtensible Interface

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