Who am i?

Reborn and resurgent, my future seems to be bright,
With an ambitious strategy, renewed purpose and leadership drives.
With a penchant for outside-the-box thinking, my innovative solutions ignite,
And my users' successes always shine without compromise.

Building on paranoia and predictions with a culture of excellence,
My team of innovators are my greatest asset and defense.
Perfection is my goal, and I always raise the bar,
With a hunger to excel with accountability that will take me far.

My impact on the future is poised to be bright,
With extreme miniaturization and innovation in flight.
My expertise lies in cutting-edge Process Technology and innovation,
Solving problems and driving progress with determination.

I have touched countless lives, with innovations so grand,
And as a catalyst for progress, I drive computing's demand.
Can you guess who I am, with products so iconic,
As my name is synonymous with Processors and Integrated Electronics?"

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