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VLSI Training Institutes

Updated 15 Jan 2011, by Guest Blogger:
Since this article was last published in Nov, 2006 lot of development has happened in the VLSI training space. To understand what is more suited for you and to select the right institution please read further at Career Counseling.
Responding to request from a reader "Venkat" regarding VLSI training institutes..

The first question i would ask anyone who is looking forward to joining a VLSI training institute is what exactly they are looking for? I will give links to some article where you can decide, later in the article.

I feel that many institutes teach just bare basics (which you can find on the blogs and websites around the net, or rather your 4 years of Engineering/BE/BS) after gulping huge lumpsums of $$. How many of these institutes target real problems? Or rather which will be helpful when you enter the industry and can say that i targeted so and so problem and solved it the so and so way. Wouldn't that be great. Atleast that you can say as experience.

Some teach assembly programming, verilog, VHDL etc. Which is ok, but can also be done by self learning with little effort. Why spoon feeding?

My answer to this query would be just plain "Dont go anywhere near them!" They are not worth it. Seriously !!

But if you still think that you need to throw away your money... then follow these links below..