List of Semiconductor Companies

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Semiconductor Manufacturers:
  1. Intel
  2. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)
  4. Samsung
  5. TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company)
  6. GlobalFoundries
  7. Micron Technology
  8. SK Hynix
  9. Broadcom
  10. Qualcomm

Fabless Semiconductor Companies:
Fabless semiconductor companies are entities that focus on the design and sale of hardware devices and semiconductor chips, while outsourcing the manufacturing process to foundries. This business model allows them to benefit from reduced capital costs and economies of scale, while concentrating on the ongoing development and monetization of their intellectual property (IP) portfolios.

Some examples of fabless semiconductor companies include:
  1. Qualcomm
  3. Broadcom
  4. AMD
  5. MediaTek
  6. Marvell
  7. Xilinx
  8. LSI
  9. Altera
  10. Avago
  11. Novatek
  12. Himax
  13. Realtek
  14. Mstar
  15. CSR
  16. QLogic
  17. Atheros
These companies have been significant players in the fabless semiconductor industry, with AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Broadcom being among the top sales leaders in the fabless sector.

Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs):
An Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) is a semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, and sells integrated circuit (IC) products. IDMs are often compared to fabless semiconductor companies, which outsource production to third-party semiconductor fabrication plants.

Here is a list of IDMs based on the search results on 24th Dec 2023:
  1. Intel
  2. Samsung
  3. Texas Instruments
  4. Analog Devices
  5. ams AG
  6. Belling
  7. Changxin Memory Technologies
  8. Cypress Semiconductor
  9. CR Microelectronics
  10. Fujitsu
  11. Good-Ark Electronics
  12. Hitachi
  13. IBM
  14. IM Flash Technologies
  15. Infineon
  16. Intersil
  17. LSI Corporation
  18. Matsushita
  19. Maxim Integrated Products
  20. Micron Technology
  21. Mitsubishi
  22. National Semiconductor
  23. Nexperia
  24. NXP (formerly Philips + Freescale Semiconductors)
  25. OMMIC
  26. ON Semiconductor
  27. Pericom
  28. Qorvo
  29. Renesas (formerly NEC semiconductor)
  30. SK Hynix
  31. STMicroelectronics
  32. Sony
  33. Tsinghua Unigroup
  34. Toshiba
Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other companies that could be considered IDMs. Please add in the comments if something is missing.

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Companies:
Semiconductor equipment and materials companies develop, manufacture, and service equipment for semiconductor fabrication. 

Some of the top semiconductor equipment and materials companies include:
  1. Applied Materials
  2. ASML Holding
  3. Aixtron
  4. Aptina
  5. ARC Energy
  6. ASM International
  7. Jiangsu ASIA Electronics
  8. FormFactor
  9. Hanmi Semiconductor
  11. Upland Fab
  12. B & Z Manufacturing Co. Inc.
  13. Kennenbec Technologies
  14. DuPont N&B
  15. Ibiden
These companies provide essential equipment and materials for the semiconductor industry, helping to drive innovation and advancements in semiconductor technology.

Semiconductor Design and EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Companies:
    A Semiconductor Design and EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Company is a company that specializes in designing and developing software, hardware, and services to assist in the definition, planning, design, implementation, verification, and subsequent manufacturing of semiconductor devices or chips. EDA tools play a crucial role in the development and validation of complex electronic systems, enabling engineers to design, simulate, and verify circuit functionality
      Some of the top Semiconductor Design and EDA Companies include:
      1. Altium
      2. Pulsic
      3. Siemens Mentor
      4. Concept Engineering
      5. MunEDA
      6. Defacto Technologies
      7. Intento
      8. Synopsys
      9. Cadence Design Systems
      10. Keysight Technologies
      These companies offer a wide range of EDA tools that cater to various stages of the semiconductor industry, from initial conceptualization to final verification. They help engineers tackle increasingly complex challenges and ensure the delivery of high-quality semiconductors and electronic systems

      Memory Technology Companies:
      1. Western Digital
      2. Kingston Technology
      3. Micron Technology (also mentioned in the manufacturing section)

      Semiconductor IP (Intellectual Property) Companies:
      1. ARM (acquired by NVIDIA)
      2. Rambus
      3. Imagination Technologies

      Analog and Mixed-Signal Semiconductor Companies:
      1. Maxim Integrated (now part of Analog Devices)
      2. ON Semiconductor
      3. Silicon Laboratories

      ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) Companies:
      1. Achronix Semiconductor
      2. eSilicon (acquired by Inphi Corporation)

      Foundry Service Providers:
      1. Tower Semiconductor
      2. SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation)

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