Verilog - Multiplication Gotcha, did you ever know?!

Did you know this basic gotcha of verilog :-) ?

You can use the "*" operator to multiply two numbers:
wire [9:0] a,b;
wire [19:0] result = a*b; // unsigned multiplication!

If you want Verilog to treat your operands as signed two's complement numbers, add the keyword signed to your wire or reg declaration:
wire signed [9:0] a,b;
wire signed [19:0] result = a*b; // signed multiplication!

Remember: unlike addition and subtraction, you need different circuitry if your multiplication operands are signed vs. unsigned. Same is true of the >>> (arithmetic right shift)
operator. To get signed operations all operands must be signed.

To make a signed constant: 10'sh37C
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  1. Will a signed number whose sign bit has been truncated be considered as signed? And what if that number's 2's complement is multiplied to it, what method will be used? Thank you for your time.


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