DesignCon 2008

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Your Design Connection Awaits!

DesignCon attracts engineering professionals from various levels and disciplines and represents many aspects of electronic design: applications engineering, architecture and systems design, ASIC design, circuit-board design, embedded-systems design, hardware/software integration, high-performance systems, IC design, packaging, semiconductor product management, service and support, SoC design, software development, testing and debugging, and more.

Professionals who need to stay on top of current information and developments regarding design-engineering theories, techniques, and applications strategies will benefit from attending DesignCon's conference and exhibition.

Individuals presenting papers at DesignCon will join an elite group offering leading-edge case studies, technology innovations, practical techniques, design tips, and application overviews.

DesignCon 2008 Topic Categories

  • Chip-Level Architectural and Functional Design
  • Functional and Performance Verification
  • Chip-Level Physical Design and DFM
  • Chip-Level Electrical and Package Design
  • PCB and Passive Component Technology
  • High-Speed Parallel Interface Design
  • Multi-Gigabit Serial Interconnects
  • High-Speed Timing, Jitter, and Noise
  • High-Speed Signal Processing, Equalization, and Coding
  • Power Integrity and Power-Aware Design
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference
  • Test Fixturing and Measurement Methodology
  • RF and Signal Integrity
  • Chip/Package/Board/System Co-Design
  • Business and Engineering Impacts

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