Wiretap -- The Troublemaker's Panel (DVcon)

[Via deepchip]

This year's Troublemaker's Panel discussed Mike Santarini, VC's, DataQuest, Nvidea, real estate agents, power, US engineering grads, 9/11, India, H1-B visas, outsourcing, Cadence, Freescale, NXP, bookings bubbles, Verisity Specman, Verilog, P&R, Magma, Sierra, data management, Synchronicity, design teams being too large, exit strategies, intelligent testbenches, Wally Rhines, ESL, SystemC, ANSI C, System Verilog, Matlab, parallel computing, Rajeev Madhavan, EDAC, Talus, Magma, Synopsys lawsuit, Atoptech, Broadcom, Sierra, Avanti, Mojove, Gerry Hsu, Synopsys Orion, Milkyway, OA, Virtuoso, Pcells, PDKs, QuickCap, Silicon Canvas, Dracula, VHDL, FPGAs, Mach TA, Adit, AVM, OVM, all-you-can-eat-FAM deals, start-ups, Cadence, Mentor, Sierra, Atoptech, ICC, Magma, DFM, ClearShape, Invarium, AutoESL, CatapultC, SW discounting, India, Fast SPICE, UPF vs. CPF, Ciranova, Pcells, and US kids studying engineering.

See http://www.deepchip.com/videos/trouble08.fhtml

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