10 Gbps Wireless

Engineers at Battelle have come up with a way to send data through the air at 10 Gigabits per second using point-to-point millimeter-wave technology. They used standard optical networking equipment and essentially combined two lower bandwidth signals to produce a 10Gb signal from the interference. They say the technology could replace fiber optics around large campuses or companies or even deliver high-bandwidth streaming within the home.

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  1. Next-generation wireless access and transport technology offering unprecedented data speeds.
    Faster, by far, than anything wireless out there! Sustained 10 Gbps over the air, and soon even faster than that. Faster than WiMAX, much faster than WiFi, and orders of magnitude faster than even 3G cellular networks!
    Asyrmatos’ technology enables wireless transmissions at 10 Gbps sustained data rate. This is significantly higher than can be achieved with alternative technologies, and allows, for the first time, a cost competitive alternative to buried fiber. Our technology will revolutionize the wireless industry, in both fast access and transport applications.

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  2. This is awesome news and I hope that it's available within the next 2 years. This could finally be a viable solution to broadband to the boonies other than satellite.

    I'd love to live out in the country but the internet options are horrific.



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