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Many companies are catching on to the fact that bloggers can provide an effective way to create buzz (viral marketing) about their brands. We've seen several efforts that explicitly recognize that fact, such as TasteCasting for restaurants and YokmoK's free travel giveaways. We want to bring this notion to our blog world with offerings in new consumer electronics products or just outright EDA products. Please contact us directly if you are interested. We are sure, this will be more cost effective than just buying a link.

Text Links
Homepage : $50.00/Month
(**Displayed on Top of all pages (Maximum Visibility)! - We dont provide links just for page rank purposes.)
Available: 5 Links only.
Description: Links are do-follow. Color and style can be customized as per your preference.

Terms and Conditions
1. All ads will run for a one month period (or the equivalent of 30 days) unless otherwise specified.
2. We reserve the right to revoke any ad that isn’t family friendly.
3. Payments are accepted via Paypal only.
4. Please ask for discounts on long term commitments.
5. Prices are subject to change without notice (your current Ad will not be affected).

Please contact us for special discounts on long-term orders!

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