Blog Updates, Top 10 Features additions!

Hello Reader,
In this New year we are happy to announce a significantly redesigned blog which gives more flexibility and control to all. Fortunately most of the features are available only when subscribed, either by RSS or by E-MAIL.

Top 10 features:
  1. Summary of the articles on the main page! Expandable to full article when clicked on the Post Title or Link.
  2. Related posts links below the main article to access all the related articles and publications.
  3. All commenters gets the link back to his site/blog automatically. So why wait? Start commenting.....!!!!
  4. Ability to browse from Mobile phone browsers when clicked on the special link. The content is specially formatted by Google.
  5. Free SMS alerts to keep you updated anywhere anytime!
  6. Launched an updated Google group, a place for discussions and asking question and discussing daily problems in chip design.
  7. Flexibility to SOCIAL BOOKMARK to as many as 25 sites.
  8. To print all posts in a printer friendly format. Look of the "Print this post" below the expanded article.
  9. Download the PDF of the Article directly.
  10. Faster Page loading(35% faster).

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