How to run a semiconductor company?

Anybody in this industry would agree that there are 3 things that are critical for its success.
1. Quick adaptation of Technology - Can impact chip cost, time to market and customer/market reputation! Even transfer of new technology from Engineering to production.
2. Being ahead of the competition - Bad marketing decisions and late changes in the design can adversely affect this motive. Smart decisions can avoid a critical delay. Definition of responsibilities upfront can save the project and money.
3. Making Engineers work with pride - Not just defining statement of work and schedules.Give them opportunities to interact with with other levels of management and production. Make them confident.

How many companies follow these three tenets? How many have ignored? How many have been successful? How many have failed?

Please comment with your views and experiences and lets figure of out the root cause of failure and success togather.

"Semiconductors are like a new hit song, composed on an old classical theme", writes the legendary former CEO of Toshiba Semiconductors Tsuyoshi Kawanishi in his book 'Chip Management, "What I mean by this is that the applications for semiconductors are nearly infinite, but the basic technology itself is classic".

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  1. Interesting: In my company everything they do is atrocious. Unfortunately i dont wish to reveal the name but it is one of the top 10 in the list published. Managers behave like slavelords. There is no sense of pride. I am just sticking bcos of the recession.

  2. Not many follow. I work for freescale. It is very ad-hoc.

  3. TI here. It is fair!


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