What will be your engineering legacy?

It is no easy task to record the achievements of individual engineers nowadays. But looking at the past achievements and trends, most of them have had graduated from schools like MIT, Stanford, IITs etc. and joined a handful of companies that offered superb training grounds and career opportunities.

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  1. There is a lot of talk these days about a college degree being less valuable (and more expensive) than years ago. I totally agree for the following reasons:

    BEFORE - You could learn a lot of what you needed to know for your career in university.
    NOW - Half of what you learn will be obsolete before you graduate.

    BEFORE - You needed to get hired by an employer.
    NOW - You can go it yourself much easier and we're all independent contractors.

    BEFORE - It was about what you know.
    NOW - It's about how quickly you can learn new things.

    The only real value of a degree from a good university seems to be as an indicator of future success.

  2. What you said is so true!
    Now a days education has less significance looking at what you are going to do in the industry, the industry which evolves everyday and transforms to adapt itself.

    Yes, i agree that a degree is just an indicator of the capabilities and the future success.


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