Pirated EDA software available on Bangalore streets

We all know the severity of software piracy in Taiwan & China. But how many of you know that EDA software like Modelsim, Synopsys DC, etc sell on Bangalore streets in India for as low as Rs.25!!!! For the matter of fact, the slumdog who is selling the pirated software in question is not even aware that he is one. The CD is disguised as one of the Recent Bollywood or Hollywood hits. Cops just extort some money and leave him to continue his business!!!

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  1. Pirating is a big issue for media producers. It seems that pirates are quicker at picking the copyright technology weaknesses faster than media producers are at developing more secure copyrighting technologies. If you are teaching a course that requires your students to produce an electronics science fair project, then suggest copyright technology for media devises as a possible topic.

  2. I just want to say that please stop the use of pirated software!!


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