Who are the Computer Architects?

The author (Mark Smotherman, Associate Professor, School of Computing, Clemson University) makes an effort to list the key computer architects mainly to recognize their work. The listing comprises of instruction set architecture (ISA) and its architect(s), followed by implementations of that ISA and the associated microarchitect(s)/designer(s). The processors that are listing have been available for sale commercially, and in most instances, have categorized the processors by company. The current list mainly includes late 1980's and 1990's ISAs and microprocessor implementations. The list especially highlights the high-performance (i.e., high-risk) implementations.
The success and failure of high risk computer developments can quite often be traced to a single individual. It is not accidental that unique persons such as Gene Amdahl, Seymour Cray, Fred Brooks, and Bob Barton have become recognized leaders in the computer architecture and design field. Their reputations did not arise from a happy coincidence of being associated with a successful project; rather, they stand out because of their ability to generate a system wide concept, determine a course of action to get it implemented, make the necessary tradeoffs and finally drive through all obstacles to ensure completion of their vision.

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