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Intel looks At Creating A ‘Sub-Atom’ Chip Out Of India, renews focus on affordable PCs

Intel India labs will focus on parallel computing

Glitch-Free Frequency Shifting

Four key strategies for enabling innovation in the age of smart

Improving IC Design Productivity with an Integrated Hardware Configuration Management System

10 Reasons to Customize a Processor Core

Qualcomm, Ericsson demo LTE in India

2010 EE Times Global Salary and Opinion Survey

ARM founder claims that company will “obliterate” Intel

Diwali wishes

Broadcom buys femtocell chip maker

Five good, five bad signs for IC market

Understanding system-level energy-management techniques and test

Intel opens China fab

GlobalFoundries tech park in trouble?

Is Intel prepping up for 450mm wafer sizes?

INDIA Seminar Series 2010 - Modern Design Processes

Tech Talk - The Bleeding Edge (Oracle India, Sun Microsystems BU)

Infineon takes over LTE specialist "Blue Wonder"

Browser compatibility

Digital systems engineering and perspectives on chip design

Libelium opens the new ‘kitchen’ for electronics enthusiasts

Video review of the OpenPICUS first Webserver application

Peer code review of RTL, Test bench, Test Cases for 100% Verification closure

Infineon wireless unit to be a "seperate legal entity"?

Post job requirements for free

IIT Video Lectures Available for all on YouTube

Join the YES campaign of "Just One Light" initiative

Intel buys Infineon wireless

Intel's acquisition of Infineon's wireless business

Motivational Speaker - John Foley ( Former Blue Angel)

Job openings @ Infineon Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Femtocell-enabled home energy management solution

High-speed and low-power electronic circuits on carbon material

High-Level Synthesis Blue Book

Networking your way to success

High-def iPhone 4

Featured articles, recommended by readers

SNUG India 2010 Registrations Open

Seven Steps to Success in Graduate School and Beyond

Clock network design

IR drop driven placement

Clock skew variation estimation

Impact of dummy fill on timing

The effect of whitespace and aspect ratio on wirelength and timing

Investigation on timing analysis inaccuracies

Distributions in statistical timing

Effect of WLM and target frequency on performance

Dynamic power supply

Clock tree theory

Statistical clock tree design

Randomized algorithm/approximation scheme for statistical timing analysis

Clock driver input alignment

Re-timing tackles long combinational logic paths

Transistor level technology remapping

Transistor sizing / multi-Vt design

Whip Your Resume Into Shape

Process variation extraction

Interview with Anuj Valmiki, VLSI Design Manager

Backend physical design Interview Questions

Insulting leadership practices

RTL synthesis and other backend Interview Questions (with answers)

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