Ways to improve your Interview Skills

With so much useful advise and talented career experts out there with often differing opinions, you will most likely end up in a 'black hole' wasting your precious time and money in the process. This blog was created when i was interviewing way back in 2004 mainly as a placeholder for collecting all the interview questions i faced and documenting all the stupidities, oddities and irrelevance i had to go through in that process. More so often i had to come across so many head hunters and career search firms who failed to pay attention to the detail or not experienced enough to understand the requirements of the candidate or the job. The outcome is once wasted interview opportunity and the likelihood that you may not interview with that firm again. But all these facts should not demotivate you as this world is full of surprises and be ready to take on hurdles as they come along.With that in mind, I promise if you take some 30 odd minutes to read these posts, you'll already be ahead of the game. Apply some of the techniques, and I guarantee you'll see some results.
Best of luck.

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