Interview with Anuj Valmiki, VLSI Design Manager

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Anuj, who's worked on video chips for nearly 20 years, is a great role model for all practicing engineers. He's worked in multiple successful startups, thrived through several acquisitions into some of the largest semiconductor makers, as well as had a stint in the public sector. He's even taken a foray into EDA for system design and managed to fit in a sabbatical. Through all this he has stayed a hands-on designer, managing complex projects and continued to train and mentor younger designers. He brings a unique perspective on the success of Indian design and what engineers can learn from his own experience. Check out this interesting 3 part (Part1, Part2, Part3) interview at if you want to gather some inspiration!

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  1. Thanks Murugavel Ganesan for noticing the interview and your kind words!

  2. My pleasure.

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