Wilder Technologies Launches Line of Test Adaptor Products for Test & Measurement Companies

Vancouver, WA -- Wilder Technologies has released a new family of test adaptor products for the test & measurement industry that allow users to test and validate their designs for compliancy based on individual high speed serial protocol standards and to assist in finding out deficiencies in their products. Designed to deliver the highest electrical performance, Wilder’s products are used by design engineers, test and measurement engineers, validation engineers and compliance test engineers to detect defects through the use of the test fixtures and establish the failure criteria accurately.

Priced in the $2-3K range, Wilder’s products have demonstrated effectiveness via outstanding S-Parameters, TDR measurements, 3D EM models to empirical measurements for true design accuracy. The test adaptors work with test and measurement companies in mechanical, electrical and signal integrity design.

“Our team has worked together in test and measurement companies with a combined experience of over 125 years in mechanical, electrical and Signal Integrity design, including extensive experience in field engineering, manufacturing, applications and customer support,” explained Wilder Technologies founder Paul Deringer.

Using a systemic approach to solve signal integrity challenges via high-speed, high-performance Test Adapters, Wilder has initially released several test adaptor products including Display Ports, SATA, SAS and HDMI .

Located in Vancouver, WA, Wilder Technologies is committed to solving signal integrity challenges using time and frequency domain analysis, measurement techniques, and state of the art tools and design methodologies to develop metrological solutions for a broad range of companies in the telecommunications and other industries.

For more information, visit www.wildertechnologies.com.

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