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SiliconAuto, a joint venture between Stellantis and Foxconn, is dedicated to designing and selling state-of-the-art semiconductors for the automotive industry. 

Drive by Silicon, Auto the World!

SiliconAuto tailors chips aimed at the new generation of automotive industry vehicle platforms, particularly focusing on computer-controlled features and modules needed for electric vehicles. Stellantis' electrical/electronic and software architecture with full over-the-air updating capabilities will be supported by products from SiliconAuto to meet the future semiconductor needs of Stellantis, Foxconn, and other customers. SiliconAuto's products will support the rapid, software-defined transformation of Stellantis' products, aiming to build vehicles that seamlessly connect with customers' daily lives and deliver class-leading capabilities years after production. 

The joint venture looks forward to enhancing extraordinary EV mobility through vertical integration capabilities and resources secured for partners, driving competitiveness among customers. SiliconAuto is headquartered in the Netherlands, with a management team comprising executives from both founding partners, Stellantis and Foxconn. The R&D offices are located in Bangalore, India and Taipei, Taiwan. The joint venture will play a crucial role in supplying advanced chips for the next generation of electric vehicles as part of Stellantis' strategy to become a mobility tech company.







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