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What is the destiny of the semiconductor industry?

Moore's Law continues to drive an inexorable increase in the number of transistors that can be integrated onto a single die. Chip architects continue to find ways to use all of these transistors to produce even more complex designs. At the same time, competitive pressures are dictating shorter design cycles and faster time to market, while design team size has reached (and perhaps exceeded) the limit beyond which further growth is impracticable. Where are we heading?

Got a question? Ask in the Forums

Blogger's blogging platform is great but is not powerful enough to support discussions of any kind. We had evaluated Intense Debate's web platform but observed that it lacked the handle to tweak and collect data. Keeping these factors in mind we have decided to re-open our old Google group from the attic!

So how to we plan to use this group you may ask?

Its simple. We will post all questions only to this GOOGLE GROUP. This includes interview questions. This way we can harness the power of google's flexibility and make it simple to the readers.

NOTE: Answers to all the interview questions is available only to our subscribers. Please visit the group and don't forget to give as feedback.

You could also do the following in the Groups....
1. Create custom pages.
2. Upload files.
3. Post Questions/Messages.
4. You can invite new members.
5. All messages will be moderated by us.