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Free Chip Estimation Tool

A free design automation tool for chip estimation has been developed by Giga Scale IC, Inc. The tool named "InCyte" estimates IC die size, power, leakage, yield, and cost, enabling designers to visualize both the technical and economic impacts of their design specification. The tool's rapid "what-if" analysis makes it easy for designers to visualize tradeoffs between key design metrics, and across technology nodes and process variants. Users can generate accurate and optimized chip estimates at the architectural stage of the design process, resulting in significantly shorter design times and lower design costs.

Shareware VLSI CAD/CAE/EDA Software!

Checkout our Shareware VLSI CAD/CAE/EDA Software! section below to benefit from the numerous tools the Academic community has to offer. We will be updating as quite often as possible as we find more tools. Please comment to share the links you have found that will be of interest here. We really appreciate your support.

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