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Broadcom begins layoffs of its LTE team

Post Japan based Renesas Electronics aquisition, the hatchet is on its own LTE design teams across the globe. The layoff started last week in San Diego, as well as in New Jersey, Colorado and India, sources say.

The figure could go substantially higher because the company expects to cut roughly $45 million in operating expenses relating to the deal between now and the next 12 months.

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6 ways to help a person who is laid off

In india, being laid off is a taboo. Though most of us have thought through some sort of a plan, it will be foolish to think that gone are the days to pretend this is not happening. I personally having gone through that phase in the US during the last recession, it is somewhat familiar to me in the post-layoff days while saying i am not completely immune.

Today there is a generation of us in the indian workforce, totally unfamiliar with layoffs, and totally unfamiliar with the idea that a job is actually 100% insecure.
The good news about this is that there is not a huge difference between someone laid off and someone not laid off in that all of us feel vulnerable, scared and cheated in some ways.

Which also means that some etiquette has to be followed in that it is different than it used to be for talking to someone who’s been laid off.

1. Never ask "how's the job hunt?" Because the job hunt doesn't change much from day to day, but it's far more demoralizing to report that in someones face.

2. Ask about things like hobbies, kids, and their health – all interesting topics to talk about.

3. Talk about the current affairs & industry news in general - Tell the person what you're working on. Trends you're hearing about. Personnel shifts you've seen. Also, gossip counts as news. Workplace gossip is a positive way to bond. Forget what your mom told you about gossip being bad karma. In this case, gossip equals good karma.

4. Offer atleast one good contact - You need not pretend that connecting in LinkedIn or facebook is going to help his cause, because he should have been building the network long before the layoff loomed. But you could offer up one person you know well who could talk with the person.

5. Acknowledge trouble with the significant other - On this is tricky! More men are getting laid off than women, which puts women in a bad spot because most women choose a husband thinking he'll earn more. Today it's a fair game, and even compassionate to acknowledge.

6. Don't be shy of gratitude - Tell a co-worker who’s been laid off that you miss him or her. And what you miss. It's hard to keep up morale when you're looking for a job. And so often we forget what we are talented at because rejection makes us feel totally un-talented.

Why the layoffs if we're still profitable?

This is the most common question being asked among engineers and rather should be asking if you are not. EDN Executive Editor Ron Wilson Explores "We see giant companies like IBM and Microsoft announce great fourth-quarter and annual results, and then follow up with a layoff announcement." We see smaller companies in the fabless world staying on track on product development, successfully sampling to key customers, and ramping revenue products—doing everything right—suddenly making significant cutbacks, either laying off people or cutting back on projects that lead to layoffs elsewhere. And we see, if we look carefully, start-ups who are on track and meeting milestones just shutting their doors. What gives?" Read Ron's complete post on EDN to understand behind the scenes financial opera of a typical Industry Giant!

Layoff Watch!

Announced Worldwide Layoffs As of 30th January 2009

Infineon - 3000
Qimonda - 3000 (Bankrupt: 23 Jan 09)
Renesas - 150
ST - 4500 (Updated)
TI - 3500
Corning - 4900(New)
NXP - 4000
Philips - 6000
ST+NXP(Wireless) - 500
Toshiba - 500
FreeScale - 400
Brooks - 10%+350 (New: Exact # not known)
AMD - 500
Broadcom - 300
Xilinx - 200
LsiLogic - 500
Trident - 9%
Entergis - 200
Cadence - 625
IBM - 200
NOVA M - 250
Anadigic - 100
Intersil - 9%
Nortel - 5000
Sun Microsystems - 6000
Sandisk - 3000

This information has been compiled from various news sources and the authenticity cannot be fully verified. This information shall only be used primarily to get a feel of the overall job outlook and any analysis beyond this is shall be the whole responsibility of the person who is embarking on this research.