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Get your Website or Blog listed in our searches!

To get your Blog listed in our Google Custom Search Engine you "SHOULD" satisfy the following criteria!

1. Your website or blog needs to be strictly related to Electronics or Semiconductors. Any sub classifications are allowed as long as you follow fair and ethical use policies. We will have to review your policies, guidelines and disclaimer which needs to be provided to us via e-mail or as a url to your page!

2. We don't entertain or support links from illegal or outlawed sites that promote hacking cracking, cheating and illegal distribution of copyrighted media.

3. You "Should" write a fair review about this Blog, "Electronics & Semiconductor Search" and provide a link to this Blog and "Electronics & Semiconductor Search". Your review should be in the form of criticisms, good or bad!

4. please send us an e-mail with your Website or Blog details to