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High-def iPhone 4

This new model available in black or white from June 24 has an unchanged pricing at $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model. Features include the A4 processor (heart of the iPad), Multitasking, retina display for high resolution viewing, HD video recording and editing, 3-axis gyro, tracking pitch, roll and yaw: perfect for video games, battery life of 7 hours theoretical talk time and 6 hours of 3G web browsing, dual microphone, an LED camera flash for the main camera, and a front-facing camera for 3G video calling and loads of new apps.
The most attractive is the 5MP main camera and the gadget's new high-resolution display, which offers 4x the screen resolution compared to the current model at 326 pixels per inch, denser even than the dots per inch of some printed material. It's also sharper than other recent smartphones and high-def laptops like Sony's Vaio P. On-stage, the demo of the iPhone 4 suffered problems with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Photo Courtesy: Apple!
BTW, this phone looks like a near cousin to the phone i currently have.. the Nokia N78 ;-). Check it out.

Designing Low Power, Multi-Primary Technology for Mobile Phone Displays

Displays have always been a major power consumer in mobile devices. In the past, one easy way to keep power demands in check was to limit the display performance in terms of luminance, color gamut, resolution and refresh rate. This way, users could get away without recharging their devices for several days. By contrast, today's power-hungry devices must be charged every day. Typical color displays require 400-500 mW, which is ~50% of the average power consumption of the device when using a multimedia application. Reducing the power consumption demand of a mobile device display is a certain way to increase the time required of a user between recharges, but today it is unrealistic to limit display performance in order to achieve that. This article offers technical information for designers about a multi-primary display solution that will reduce power consumption of the display without limiting its performance.