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We are now

We have a new look and feel to the articles that you loved most :-)

Your favorite blog, is now Those who have already visited this blog since yesterday would have noticed a much simpler clutter free appearance while keeping the legacy features. We’ve refined the design and encapsulated the information accumulated over the years into an easily digestible and navigatable website. I am quite proud of it. In the coming months, i hope to improving this blog further so that it best serves you, the blog members.
Thank you.

Making More Solar Cells from Silicon

A new manufacturing process could cut the cost of making crystalline silicon wafers for solar cells by 80 percent. The process is being developed by Lexington, MA-based 1366 Technologies, which this week showed off the first solar cells made this way. The technology is key to the company's plan to make solar power cheaper than the electricity generated from coal within 10 years. Follow the links for more info.