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Infineon's work in progress - The story for our time

How massive restructuring has created a novel business model at the semiconductor stalwart. If there has been a constant at Infineon, it has been change. From a division of giant Siemens, to a broad-line integrated semiconductor device manufacturer (IDM), to an IDM without a DRAM business, to a bankruptcy candidate, to a fabless powerhouse in smart-phone silicon, to what may be an entirely new model for a semiconductor company, Infineon has illustrated the maxim that a company's only real intellectual equity is its ability to change. In conversation with EDN, Infineon CEO Peter Bauer sketched out a fascinating trajectory.

"Today, the competition is not between companies. It is between countries. For instance, China is investing, I believe the figure is, $20 billion in electric cars. But in Germany, even more than in the USA, the notion of subsidy is disliked. The government believes in the operation of free markets. Perhaps the future is coming down to differences in industrial policies. - Peter Bauer, CEO - Infineon Technologies AG"

Improve Project Success with Better Information

Are we on target? Are we within budget? Are my projects contributing effectively to my operational objectives? How well are these operational objectives helping to satisfy our business goals? Can we easily demonstrate compliance to customer requirements or industry standards? Are we ready to ship? This white paper discusses the difficulties organizations face as they gather critical information, and explores the use of automation to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of reporting and measurement. It also introduces IBM Rational solutions that can help organizations automate reporting and measurement to improve project, program and organizational management and decision makers' abilities to influence positive outcomes.