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Post job requirements for free

You can post your job requirements in EDA, Analog & Digital Design, Verification and Embedded for free on . For more info please head to the site itself.

Nokia Ovi store reveals Skype :-)

Attention all Nokia owners with 3G and WiFi connectivity: Today Nokia has added Skype to it Ovi arsenal and foreshadows death of regular phone calls! With all the benefits of Skype on your phone you can save money and stay in touch when you're on the move. You can make free Skype-to-Skype calls and IM on 3G or WiFi, Save money on calls and texts (SMS) to phones abroad, Share pictures, videos and other files from your phone. It's free to use Skype in a WiFi zone. If you use Skype with a mobile data connection, operator charges may apply.

ModelSim PE Student Edition - Free HDL Simulation

ModelSim PE Student Edition is a free download of the industry leading ModelSim HDL simulator for use by students in their academic coursework.

ModelSim PE Student Edition Highlights
- Support for both VHDL and Verilog designs (non-mixed).
- Intelligent, easy-to-use graphical user interface with TCL interface.
- Project manager and source code templates and wizards.

ModelSim PE Student Edition Target Use and Upgrades
- ModelSim PE Student Edition is intended for use by students in pursuit of their academic coursework and basic educational projects.
- For more complex projects and advanced features of ModelSim, universities and colleges have access to ModelSim SE, the highest configuration of ModelSim, plus Questa and other Mentor Graphics products through the Higher Education Program.
- ModelSim PE Student Edition is not be used for business use or evaluation.
- Please contact sales for a fully functioning evaluation version of ModelSim PE, DE or SE.

ModelSim PE Student Edition Performance
- Capacity: 10,000 lines of executable code
- Performance (up to capacity): 30% of PE
- Performance (exceeding capacity): 1% of PE (i.e., 100 times slower than PE).

ModelSim PE Student Edition Support Notice
- No customer support is provided for ModelSim Student Edition.
- Interact with other users and join the ModelSim Student Edition Discussion Forum.
- ModelSim PE Student Edition applies to x86/Windows platforms only.

ModelSim PE Student Edition Information
Important Information
- To download and install ModelSim PE Student Edition, you must complete all three of the following steps.
- You must be connected to the Internet for the entire download, installation and license request processes.

Step 1 - Download the Latest Software
- To begin the process, download the software from the FTP server by completing the ModelSim PE Student Edition license agreement form from the downloads tab.
- Select the FTP link provided on the confirmation page and downloaded the .exe file.

Step 2 - Install the Software
- After the file downloads completely, double-click on the exe file to start the installation process.

Step 3 - Complete the License Request Form
- At the end of the installation process, select Finish and a browser window will invoke with the License Request form
** Note - clicking on an existing license request link from your browser bookmark or from a link posted on the web - WILL NOT WORK.
- Complete the form with all fields and select Request Student Edition to submit
- Once you complete the license request form, your ModelSim PE Student Edition license file will be emailed to you, together with instructions for installing the license file.

Important Information about your Installation
- License files are valid only for the current installation of the software on the computer on which the software is installed.
- If you need to re-install the software on a computer, you must go through the entire process of download, installation and submission of the license request form.
- If for any reason you need a new license file you must go through the entire process of download, installation and
submission of the license request form.

Upgrade to Mentor Graphics' Higher Education Program
- For applications requiring the highest simulation performance and advanced verification capabilities, students may access Mentor Graphics most advanced design and verification tools, including ModelSim SE and Questa Advanced Functional Verification, through their college’s membership of Mentor Graphics’ Higher Education Program.
- View the Higher Education Program Details and learn how your institute can apply.

Free E-Books Download - RSS Subscribers Only!

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E-Book: The Digital Signal Processing Handbook. Read further to find out how!

To download this and future E-Book's, please look at the bottom of the post in your preferred RSS reader. See example below!

Wikipedia: The Missing Manual

Wikipedia: The Missing Manual is a popular how-to book on Wikipedia that has all the information you need to get started with editing pages on Wikipedia. Wikipedia may be the biggest group writing project ever, but the one thing you won't find in the comprehensive online encyclopedia is easy-to-follow guidance on how to contribute. Wikipedia: The Missing Manual helps you avoid beginners' blunders and gets you sounding like a pro from your first edit. It also gives you advise on creating articles, and working with the Wikipedia community to review new articles, mediate disputes, and maintain the site.
The book sells for $29.99 on Amazon but the publishers have uploaded the entire book to Wikipedia website under the GNU license. You can read the book for free, even lets you copy, translate and distribute the book in any format provided the derivative work is also free.

And like all the other pages on Wikipedia, this new "Wikipedia: The Missing Manual" Wikipedia section is open for public editing.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

You can Download a free copy of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" audio book by going to To avail this offer, make sure that you select "USA" as the country when creating a free audible account on the next page.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide while the audio version was the first non-fiction audio book in U.S. publishing history to sell more than one million copies according to Wikipedia.

Free E-Book Download - Only RSS Subscribers!

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E-Book: The Digital Signal Processing Handbook. Read further to find out how!

To download this and future E-Book's, please look at the bottom of the post in your RSS reader. See example below!

IEEE ComSoc Complimentary online tutorials

Two Complimentary Online Tutorials Available Now…

IEEE Communications Society is pleased to offer two free online tutorial presentations from the popular ComSoc Tutorials Now program:

Broadband Fiber Access (2.5+ hrs; 146 slides)

Leonid G. Kazovsky, David Gutierrez, Wei-Tao Shaw & Gordon Wong, Stanford University, cover current deployments to possible evolution scenarios. Access compliments of Analog Devices. .

Broadband Wireless Access – The Next Wireless Revolution: (2.25 hrs; 113 slides)

Benny Bing, Georgia Institute of Technology, gives you a comparative assessment of the key standards and technologies underpinning promising broadband wireless access solutions. Access compliments of Cisco.

Free access is for a limited time only.

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