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Apple will likely begin selling Macs with its own processors in 2021

This news report from Bloomberg cites sources close to Apple who say that Apple is on track to introduce Macs running in-house CPUs and GPUs in 2021. The chips the company is developing are codenamed Kalamata.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Apple’s partner for iPhone and iPad processors, will build the new Mac chips, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private product plans. The components will be based on a 5-nanometer production technique, the same size Apple will use in the next iPhones and iPad Pros, one of the people said. An Apple spokesman declined to comment, as did Intel and TSMC.

Apple developing multiple Mac chips may be a clue that Apple may not just be thinking about a single new Mac laptop based on in-house silicon but an entire line. It's not clear from this whether these will be additive to the current, Intel-based lineup or whether Apple will began replacing Macs in its current lineup with computers built with these chips in mind. The report does say that one of the chips Apple is developing will be "much faster" than those used in the iPhone or iPad, though they will not yet be sufficient to replace the fastest Intel chips in the MacBook Pro or Mac Pro. Like those iPhone and iPad chips, though, these Mac chips would be built using a 5-nanometer production technique, and they would be made by TSMC.

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High-def iPhone 4

This new model available in black or white from June 24 has an unchanged pricing at $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model. Features include the A4 processor (heart of the iPad), Multitasking, retina display for high resolution viewing, HD video recording and editing, 3-axis gyro, tracking pitch, roll and yaw: perfect for video games, battery life of 7 hours theoretical talk time and 6 hours of 3G web browsing, dual microphone, an LED camera flash for the main camera, and a front-facing camera for 3G video calling and loads of new apps.
The most attractive is the 5MP main camera and the gadget's new high-resolution display, which offers 4x the screen resolution compared to the current model at 326 pixels per inch, denser even than the dots per inch of some printed material. It's also sharper than other recent smartphones and high-def laptops like Sony's Vaio P. On-stage, the demo of the iPhone 4 suffered problems with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Photo Courtesy: Apple!
BTW, this phone looks like a near cousin to the phone i currently have.. the Nokia N78 ;-). Check it out.

Gawker Media received no direct revenue from iPhone 4G scoop

In response to the iPhone 4g post i ran yesterday i got quite a few comments and i want to highlight one of them specifically! One of our readers Simon Owens got a chance recently to interview Gawker's Nick Denton and found out that despite the fact that he paid $5,000 to the people who found the iPhone, Gawker Media received no direct revenue from those millions of pageviews it received from publishing the scoop.

3G iPhone rumored to be Infineon-powered, hitting "mid-year"

Hold the presses: Apple may be releasing a new iPhone this year...
with 3G! Crazy, we know. The latest iteration of this rumor comes to
us courtesy of UBS analysts, who say Infineon will likely be building
chips for the phone -- they're powering the current iPhone, so no real
surprise there. UBS is also betting on a mid-year 3G iPhone launch,
and thinks that EDGE production will ramp down early so Apple gets a
chance to clean out inventories. We've got a good feeling about this
one, guys.