Interview Question - Performance Analysis

A farmer is trying to decide which of his two trucks to use to transport his apples along the narrow and winding dirt road from his orchard to the market.

  • All of the loads of apples must be carried using the same truck
  • Elapsed time is counted from beginning to deliver first load to returning to the orchard after the last load
  • Ignore time spent loading and unloading apples, coffee breaks, refueling, etc.
  1. Which truck will result in the least elapsed time and what percentage faster will
    the elapsed time be?
  2. In planning ahead for next year, is there anything the farmer could do to decrease
    his delivery time with little or no additional expense? If so, what is it, if not, explain.
Sol for 1: Small Truck takes less time & Faster by 4.15 %
Sol for 2: Use two drivers, Use a combination of the small truck and large truck to improve his utilization.

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