Interview Question - Intel, Folsom

Your next co-op job is with the Independent Eagle-Eyed Elective, a consulting firm that performs code reviews for other companies. Your first task is to review the VHDL code for a new traffic-light controller that has been written by Valerie Hazelton and David Langsdorf.

1. The traffic-light controller is designed for conventional intersections of two roads, with green, yellow, and red lights facing each of the four directions. There are no turn signals or blinking green lights.
2. Valerie and David have checked that their code is legal and synthesizable.
3. Val and Dave have not yet simulated or verified their code.
4. Each of the four directions (North, South, East, and West) has a traffic light.
5. The North and South facing lights are both controlled by the NS light output of the controller.
6. The East and West facing lights are both controlled by the EW light output of the controller.
7. Each of the four direction has a car sensor (e.g. N car) to detect when a car is waiting for the light to turn green.

Identify three changes that VH and DL should make to their code that will have the largest impact in improving the controller (e.g. optimizations or bug fixes). For each change:

1. Identify the lines of code or signals affected by the change
2. Describe the change
3. Justify the importance of the change in terms of its impact on the controller

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