How to get a free link to your ASIC or VLSI Blog?

This is how you can get a free link to your blog. If you are not already a member of the ASIC/VLSI/Digital Electronics blogging community, join it now! Then write a post in your blog with at least 2 paragraphs and add an active link to this blog below (homepage or individual post page, ie., permalink). When you are done, comment in this post giving the link to the post and we will link to your blog. You can write anything. You can praise us, just describe us, or even criticise us. However, the post must be a permanent post and should make sense, and should not be deleted after you get your free credit.

It will be greatly appreciated if you can write more, especially if you find this blog helpful. I find this blog has been helpful from the comments I have received, the feeburner subscription count and the googlepage rank :-).

Note: Your blog should be a VLSI/ASIC/Digital Electronics related blog!
Anything else will be ignored.

Good luck!
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  1. Hi there, it's me again. If possible, if you could link to us at under link JTAG

    Our link to you again is:

    If there is anything else we can do for you, let me know!



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