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Due to the recent spate of Layoffs, a high amount of panic and interview preparation frenzy has seeped into the industry. This has triggered a significantly increased amount of emails we get everyday. These are mainly regarding pointers for interview preparation that i have compiled below. This compilation constitutes a list of Books and Links that will help you in kick starting your preparation.

Don't forget, this blog is also a treasure chest for information that you never thought you might find on the web.

Good luck with your preparations!!!

Some popular links on this Blog! - Before we head out to our recommendations.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Logic and Microcomputer Design - by M. Rafiquzzaman
    This book is an essential reference that provides with the fundamental tools you need to design typical digital systems.
  • Digital Logic Circuit Analysis and Design - by Nelson, Nagle, Carroll, Irwin
    If you want to understand the basics of the Digital Logic Circuit Analysis and Desig.
  • Verilog HDL (2nd Edition) - by Samir Palnitkar
    A jump starter. Learn basic digital design paradigms and the necessaryVerilog HDL constructs that would help build small digital circuits, using Verilog and run simulations.
  • Verilog HDL Synthesis, A Practical Primer - by Jayaram Bhasker
    For teaching Verilog-based synthesis techniques, as it shows the reader not only what hardware results from various Verilog constructs, but how to tailor the Verilog to get the desired hardware.
  • Circuit Design with VHDL - by Volnei A. Pedroni
    Teaches VHDL using system examples combined with programmable logic and supported by laboratory exercises. While other textbooks concentrate only on language features, Circuit Design with VHDL offers a fully integrated presentation of VHDL and design concepts by including a large number of complete design examples, illustrative circuit diagrams, a review of fundamental design concepts, fully explained solutions, and simulation results!

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  1. Yes I agree worldwide there is uncertainty. Up until recently it has been an engineers paradise i.e. they could afford to be selective. Now the tables have turned (once again!) and the employers will fine tune the team.

    The question is, "What makes a good engineer?" and do you " Need a Degree to be successful at it?"

    I have an interesting article by Jack Ganssle on my site worth a look.

    Cheers, nice site!

  2. Yes. These are tough times.
    Thanks for the link btw. I am sure it is a good read.


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