Performance-Contingent Self Esteem

Don't be too committed in your profession where you reach a point where it might boomerang, leaving you depressed, anxious and fretful, warn experts. When you are a fresher or new to the job at hand and when you try to place too much emotional weight on its successful accomplishment, you naturally tend to evaluate your self-worth solely based on the outcomes of these assignments.

This is what psychologists term as performance-contingent self-esteem (PCSE) and, it's an unhealthy factor in mainly in your early career that adversely affect your future.

PCSE can trigger depression and anxieties during even the most minor or common incidents, such as mis-communication, short spats over non-critical matters or a critique of one's personality or abilities.

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  1. PCSE is a concept which I have been studying since a while. This blog is certainly a handsome gesture.

  2. Yes, this is a truly interesting study that is being done in recent times. The main trigger for this being ambitious expectations and deadline pressures and the eventual rewards that are announced that in turn trigger a lot of cut throat competition. Very interesting topic!

  3. Can you please contact John Cooley at (508) 429-4357? I don't know how to reach you other than posting a comment here. (Good topic, BTW.)


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