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Six ways to manage a side hustle without going insane

A side hustle is anything you are doing outside of your full-time job (like building a business or a blog around something you are passionate about), and often involves an entrepreneurial enterprise of some sort. In this article Jenny Blake shares some tips with you to help you keep things together during the exciting pursuit of what you love

VLSI Career counselling request form

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Fee decisions will be taken after initial review but the review process is absolutely free.

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Performance-Contingent Self Esteem

Don't be too committed in your profession where you reach a point where it might boomerang, leaving you depressed, anxious and fretful, warn experts. When you are a fresher or new to the job at hand and when you try to place too much emotional weight on its successful accomplishment, you naturally tend to evaluate your self-worth solely based on the outcomes of these assignments.

This is what psychologists term as performance-contingent self-esteem (PCSE) and, it's an unhealthy factor in mainly in your early career that adversely affect your future.

PCSE can trigger depression and anxieties during even the most minor or common incidents, such as mis-communication, short spats over non-critical matters or a critique of one's personality or abilities.

Career Guidance @ The Digital ELectronics Blog

Hello & Best wishes!

Due to overwhelming responses to this Blog and successful placement of 500+ Freshers and experienced professionals alike, after requests for Job guidance through Emails and Messages we have decided to evolve the career branch ( of The Digital Electronics Blog.

You support and patronage is highly essential and as usual this service is planned to be absolutely free with help from sponsors.

Please look out at these pages for more information....

FOr any further questions you can always email us at
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Recipes for an extraordinary career

Skepticism OK – Cynicism NOT!
Skepticism is a method
Cynicism is a position!

Recipes for an extraordinary career

Don't hide behind the process!
All good companies have well thought-out processes
Don't let it get in the way the way of doing what is right!

Recipes for an extraordinary career

Build relationships!
SOWs are necessary for formal agreements

A good working relationship will surmount more barriers!

Recipes for an Extraordinary Career

Integrity is the foundation

Massaging the truth can get you out of an immediate crisis
Hidden agendas never remain hidden for long!

Recipes for an Extraordinary Career

Show that passion!

Technical competence is a must
It's the "passion" that makes the difference!

Watch out for more of these Recipes...