Laptop Manufacturers Shift Focus to Services as PC Sales Decline

The PC industry has been struggling, particularly throughout last year, with all PC manufacturers except Apple experiencing a decline in sales. Laptops have reportedly experienced the greatest decrease. 

According to a report: 
This all made for a somewhat uncertain backdrop heading into CES 2023, the annual conference where tech companies show off the products they'll be releasing in 2023. Throughout the show, executives and representatives from various PC manufacturers acknowledged that the industry has a big task ahead of it this year: keep the laptop exciting. Some companies are trying to do that with goofy hardware things (such as Lenovo's dual-screen, dual-OLED, and touchpad-less Yoga Book 9i). But others are moving away from hardware -- and the raw power that hardware can provide -- and emphasizing quirkier software capabilities in this year's lineups. 

 AMD announced that some of its new processors will be equipped with its first Ryzen AI engine, designed based on the XDNA architecture. Intel's forthcoming Meteor Lake chips will also have AI capabilities. 

 HP unveiled new additions to its Omen Gaming Hub, such as integration with Nvidia's GeForce Now and new remote management and IT services. 

 A Windows PC for consumers, the Dragonfly Pro, was also introduced with a focus on its integration with HP's new "live concierge" service. 

 The report adds: HP is not the only company with this belief, as many manufacturers with a strong presence at CES this year highlighted their software features using camera tracking and AI. From Asus and Acer's glasses-free 3D displays to Razer's soundbar that tracks your head for audio optimization, the emphasis was on software. Even Lenovo's dual-screen Yoga Book, although not a new form factor, is a product driven by its impressive system of gesture control, making it a viable offering.

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