What is a Virtual Memory?

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🎬 Introduction to Virtual Memory 🎬

Great video from Tech with Nikola on YouTube.

Let's dive into the world of virtual memory, which is a common memory management technique used in computer's operating system. It sits at the boundary of software and hardware, and it's the main reason why we can play video games and listen to the music at the same time without worrying about spotify crashing our Diablo 4. 🔑 Key Topics discussed in the video 📌 Understand the problems 📌 Understand the core principles behind virtual memory and how it solves these problems 📌 Understand how virtual memory is implemented 📌 Discuss various optimization techniques Timecodes 00:00 - Intro 00:19 - Problem: Not Enough Memory 01:17 - Problem: Memory Fragmentation 02:20 - Problem: Security 03:10 - Key Problem 04:42 - Solution: Not Enough Memory 05:58 - Solution: Memory Fragmentation 06:32 - Solution: Security 07:30 - Virtual Memory Implementation 09:49 - Page Table 10:40 - Example: Address Translation 11:54 - Page Faults 13:28 - Recap 14:18 - Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) 15:46 - Example: Address Translation with TLB 16:57 - Multi-Level Page Tables 18:48 - Example: Address Translation with Multi-Level Page Tables 19:58 - Outro

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