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MIT - 6.823 Computer System Architecture - Fall 2007 (Lecture Notes)

  • L-01: Computer System Architecture, pdf, ppt [09/05/07]
  • 1-Intro: Introduction to Pin, pdf [09/05/07]
  • L-02: Influence of Technology and Software on Instruction Sets: Up to the dawn of IBM 360, pdf, ppt [09/10/07]
  • L-03: Instruction Set Evolution in the Sixties: GPR, Stack, and Load-Store Architectures, pdf, ppt [09/12/07]
  • L-04: Hardwired, Non-pipelined ISA Implementation, pdf, ppt [09/17/07]
  • L-05: Instruction Pipelining and Hazards, pdf, ppt [09/19/07]
  • L-06: Microprogramming, pdf, ppt [09/26/07]
  • L-07: Cache Organization, pdf, ppt [10/01/07]
  • L-08: Memory Management: From Absolute Addresses to Demand Paging, pdf, ppt [10/03/07]
  • L-09: Modern Virtual Memory Systems, pdf, ppt [10/10/07]
  • L-10: Complex Pipelining, pdf, ppt [10/15/07]
  • L-11: Complex Pipelining: Out of Order Execution and Register Renaming, pdf, ppt [10/17/07]
  • L-12: Branch Prediction, pdf, ppt [10/22/07]
  • L-13: Speculative Execution, pdf, ppt [10/24/07]
  • L-14: Advanced Memory, pdf, ppt [10/29/07]
  • L-15: Multithreading, pdf, ppt [10/31/07]
  • L-16: VLIW/EPIC: Statically Scheduling ILP, pdf, ppt [11/05/07]
  • L-17: Vector Computers, pdf, ppt [11/07/07]
  • L-18: Virtual Machines and Dynamic Translation: Implementating ISA's in Software, pdf, ppt [11/14/07]
  • L-19: Reliable Architecture, pdf, ppt [11/19/07]
  • L-20: Symmetric Multiprocessors: Synchronization and Sequential Consistency, pdf, ppt [11/26/07]
Courtesy: MIT

MIT student projects - 6.884 Complex Digital Systems

  • Out-of-Order SMIPS Processor Using Tomasulo's Algorithm
    Cliff Frey and Vicky Liu
  • Memory Access Scheduler
    Matt Cohen and Alvin Lin
    • Cache-Coherent Memory System Using a Ring Network
      Albert Chiou and Mat Laibowitz
      • High-Performance SMIPS Processor
        Jonathan Eastep
        • Hardware Implementation of an 802.11a Transmitter
          Elizabeth Basha, Steve Gerding, and Rose Liu
          • The Pipe Dream: Out-of-Order SMIPS Processor using a Reorder Buffer
            Karthik Balakrishnan and Michal Karczmarek
            Courtesy: MIT