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Memory Management Technique Speeds Apps By 20%

A paper (PDF) to be presented later this month at the IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium in Atlanta describes a new approach to memory management that allows software applications to run up to 20% faster on multicore processors. Yan Solihin, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at NCSU and co-author of the paper, says that using the technique is just a matter of linking to a library in a program that makes heavy use of memory allocation. The technique could be especially valuable for programs that are difficult to parallelize, such as word processors and Web browsers. {Via Slashdot}

1394 Trade Association Issues Comprehensive FireWire Reference Tutorial for IEEE 1394 Standard

The 1394 Trade Association has developed a comprehensive new reference tutorial to assist engineers in evaluating the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) standard, understanding how it works, and maximizing FireWire performance in their applications. The tutorial provides a comprehensive technical background for engineers unfamiliar with FireWire, enabling them to build a complete understanding of how the standard operates, and to evaluate FireWire's benefits for their application. The 77-page document includes diagrams, descriptions and illustrations.

Dedicated sections discuss FireWire's use in a wide range of systems and applications including robotics control; automated optical inspection; medical imaging; computer and storage; audio and professional audio; security and surveillance; communications systems; set-top boxes; digital camcorders; commercial aviation; military and automotive. The tutorial also describes the most popular products including Host Adapters (Host Controllers); PC motherboards; cables; repeaters; IIDC cameras; external hard disks; digital cameras, camcorders and others.

Dimitrios Staikos of Codemost, Inc. authored the reference tutorial, with contributions from veteran 1394 Trade Association members Eric Anderson of Apple, Don Harwood of PLX Technology, Les Baxter of Baxter Enterprises and Burke Henehan, Henehan Consulting. Member companies such as Point Grey Research and IOI Technology Corp. contributed the photos used to explain applications.

"Our new Reference Tutorial presents a complete picture of what FireWire is, how it works, what designers need to evaluate its benefits for their application, and the steps they need to follow to optimize FireWire for their product," said Max Bassler, 1394 Trade Association chairman. "It has been developed specifically for engineers who have no previous experience with FireWire, based on the expertise developed by the dedicated designers and engineers in the Trade Association."

The new reference tutorial complements the 1394 Trade Association's newly-issued Design Guide, which details the guidelines for implementing FireWire ports on high level complex devices such as personal computers, automobiles and on simple devices such consumer electronics products. "The Design Guide and Reference Tutorial documents provide a comprehensive set of instructions, tools and guidelines for using 1394 in any product or application," Bassler said.

Upcoming VLSI/IC Conference - Cool Chips 2009

Cool Chips 2009
IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High Speed Chips
Yokohama, Japan
April 15-17, 2009

COOL Chips is an International Symposium initiated in 1998 to present advancement of low-power and high-speed chips. The symposium covers leading-edge technologies in all areas of microprocessors and their applications. The COOL Chips XII is to be held in Yokohama on April 15-17, 2009, and is targeted at the architecture, design and implementation of chips with special emphasis on the areas listed below. The COOL Chips Organizing Committee will ask the MICRO to publish selected papers in a special issue on COOL Chips XII.

Contributions are solicited in the following areas:

* Low Power-High Performance Processors for Multimedia, Digital Consumer Electronics, Mobile, Graphics, Encryption, Robotics, Networking and Biometrics.
* Novel Architectures and Schemes for Single Core, Multi-Core, Embedded System, Reconfigurable Computing, Grid, Ubiquitous, Dependable Computing and Wireless.
* Cool Software including Binary Translations, Compiler Issues and Low Power Techniques.

IEEE ComSoc Complimentary online tutorials

Two Complimentary Online Tutorials Available Now…

IEEE Communications Society is pleased to offer two free online tutorial presentations from the popular ComSoc Tutorials Now program:

Broadband Fiber Access (2.5+ hrs; 146 slides)

Leonid G. Kazovsky, David Gutierrez, Wei-Tao Shaw & Gordon Wong, Stanford University, cover current deployments to possible evolution scenarios. Access compliments of Analog Devices. .

Broadband Wireless Access – The Next Wireless Revolution: (2.25 hrs; 113 slides)

Benny Bing, Georgia Institute of Technology, gives you a comparative assessment of the key standards and technologies underpinning promising broadband wireless access solutions. Access compliments of Cisco.

Free access is for a limited time only.

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