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Intel integrated LTE Modem + AP only in 2014

According to EETimes Intel is already shipping data only LTE modems to customers and data-and-voice multimode modem would ship during 2013.
Intel is significantly lagging in the integrated modem and processor space that puts Intel way behind Qualcomm Inc., which already offers integrated LTE capability in its Snapdragon line of application processors. Intel's wireless capabilities are largely credited to the acquisition of wireless business unit of Infineon Technologies AG (Munich, Germany). This very team is known for its solid engineering capabilities while being cost effective and cost competitive.

Quick Introduction to LTE-Advanced

3G and 4G Wireless Blog: Quick Introduction to LTE-Advanced is an article written by Zahid Ghadialy where he explains LTE-A without going in technical details. This also includes the state of market on who is doing what.

Qualcomm, Ericsson demo LTE in India

Wireless Broadband Business Services, one of Qualcomm’s India LTE partners, and Ericsson said they achieved LTE TDD outdoor mobility at 2.3 GHz Tuesday (Nov. 30) in northwestern India. The demo is part of Qualcomm’s strategy to accelerate the deployment of LTE in concert with 3G to drive the growth of mobile broadband in India.Qualcomm said it expects to attract other 3G HSPA or EV-DO operators to its LTE network in order to comply with Indian government deployment requirements for the wireless spectrum. Once those requirements are met, it will exit the Indian joint venture.

4G silicon powers Sprint, HTC phones

Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor based Sprint and HTC phones are out in the wild but these beasts are upscale phones that run on the Android operating system. We are talking about the latest 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8650 chip--used in the phones cited above--will be followed by a 1.3GHz processor, the QSD8650a, this according to Mark Frankel, vice president of product management at Qualcomm CDMA Technologies.Dont forget to checkout Qualcomm's 4G on Laptops!