Comprehensive Verilog Tutorials

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Chapter 1: Introduction & Overview of modules and procedures
Chapter 2: Language Basics, Net & Register Data Types
Chapter 3: Verilog Simulations & Display Commands
Chapter 4: Continuous Assignments, Time Delays & Timescales
Chapter 5: Verilog Operators, Timing Controls, Decisions & Looping Statements
Chapter 6: RTL Models of Combinational Logic, Interactive Debugging
Chapter 7: RTL models of Sequential Logic, Behavioral Models of RAMs & ROMs
Chapter 8: Modeling Structural Designs
Chapter 9: Blocking & Non Blocking Assignments, State Machine Designs
Chapter 10: File I/O, Test benches, Introduction to Synthesis Design Flows
Chapter 11: Additional Behavioral Commands, Verilog Strength Handling
Chapter 12: Verilog Gate Primitives, user defined Primitives
Chapter 13: Specify Blocks, SDF Back Annotation
Chapter 14: Switch Primitives, Passive Device Modeling

Thanks to Jim Blake of Centillium, Raghav Santhanam of Synopsys & Pedro of Texas A&M University for the Tutorials and other numerous contributions.

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