Low Voltage Is Key To Energy-Efficient Chip - Part II

I have managed to gather a real doc on the recently announced low voltage chip...

These are some of the important details...
  • This was a PhD Thesis for very low voltage operation
  • 8T SRAM to avoid erasing of content which reading
  • Supply voltage 0.3-0.6V (derived from 1.2V by DC-DC converter)
  • Variation e.g. by random dopant fluctuations that required redesign of library
  • SubVt logic cell library was developed and used
  • 62 cells with limited fanin of 3
  • Small cells may double in size compared to regular library
  • e.g. Upsizing of keeper cells in flipflops and resizing of T-gates
  • Average area overhead ~1.7x
  • SubVt timing is slow!
  • Monte Carlo simulation of selected path
  • Handcrafted timing signoff methodology
Now here is the Link!

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