Mobile TV heats up with Broadcom's 65-nm SOC

The official news is out!
Broadcom has just announced a monolithic digital CMOS mobile TV receiver/demodulator, that reduces power consumption by up to 40 percent and physical dimensions by up to 30 percent from current handset design budgets. Designed for global digital TV reception on portable devices, the BCM2940 chip supports VHF III, UHF IV and V bands. It also supports the EU/US L-bands and integrates a 4-Mb MPE-FEC SRAM to handle DVB-H parallel/consecutive streams and services. The chip offers various physical interfaces including SPI, SDIO and USB 2.0.

Ok that sound great and appetizing, but is there a Market really?
Sometime ago TI came up with its own single-chip DVB-H receiver, called the Hollywood using a 90-nm technology, but the company hasn't announced any major design wins.
ST put its project on the back burner more than a year ago.
Now noise from NXP or Infineon!!!!!!!

Infineon given it recent track record and recent aquisitions i would not be surprised if they throw one in pretty soon :-) it is more a speculation than prediction.
Lets wait and watch and do Read on... this article on EE Times..

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