ST Microelectronics - Interview Questions

  • What were the challenges you faced in physical design, PAR (place and route), FV (Formal Verification)?
  • What was the average design cycle time for your designs?
  • What part are your areas of interest in physical design?
  • Explain ECO (Engineering Change Order) methodology used in your projects.
  • Explain CTS (Clock Tree Synthesis) flow used in your projects.
  • What kind of routing issues did you face in your projects? Mention the recent one?
  • How does STA (Static Timing Analysis) in OCV (On Chip Variation) conditions done?
  • How do you set OCV (On Chip Variation) in the tool you used?
  • How is timing correlation done before and after place and route?
  • If there are too many pins of the logic cells in one place within core, what kind of issues would you face and how will you resolve?
  • Define hash/ @array in perl.
  • Using TCL (Tool Command Language, Tickle) how do you set variables?
  • What is ICC (IC Compiler) command for setting derate factor/ command to perform physical synthesis?
  • What are nanoroute options for search and repair?
  • What were your design skew/insertion delay targets?
  • How is IR drop analysis done? What are various statistics available in reports?
  • Explain pin density/ cell density issues, hotspots?
  • How will you relate routing grid with manufacturing grid and judge if the routing grid is set correctly?
  • What is the command for setting multi cycle path?
  • If hold violation exists in design, is it OK to sign off design? If not, why?
Raj - Sequence Design

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  1. could you please give answer for all questions ?

  2. Raj can you invite me to view your blog, as it says invitees only..

    I wanted to get more information for the interview Q's.


  3. There is no need for any invitation. It is opne.


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